ENCAP is an aspirational initiative to develop a jointly held long term vision and strategy for the East Neuk area of Fife.

This collaboration sees East Neuk Estates Group, Fife Council, East Neuk Community Councils, local community organisations, Fife Voluntary Action, Fife Rural Partnership, local businesses and individuals working in partnership to keep East Neuk vibrant, successful and resilient.

ENCAP is designed around a community-led planning approach where communities in East Neuk are supported by the partnership to prepare their own five-year community action plans. The approach allows communities to organise and identify their own social, economic and environmental aspirations. The way land is being used in communities forms a key theme in the plans. The plans provide clarity to jointly held projects and developments, by identifying who would is responsible for their delivery.

The public and private land-owning partners in these communities commit to taking the needs, priorities and actions identified in the action plans into account within their own land-use plans and strategies.