The objective of East Neuk Community Futures is to encourage the development of a Strategic Local Place Plan for the East Neuk of Fife.

Founded on the provisions of the [Planning Act Scotland], a Strategic Local Place Plan enables the views of communities to be recognised and given their due weight in local and regional planning policy and decisions. Properly conducted, the process that Communities go through to put in place their Local Place Plan can be a source of enormous strength to the community and allow it to set out its long term ambitions in a realistic and constructive way.

The key benefit of a Strategic Local Place Plan is that it will give a formal, structured voice to the views of the communities which make up the East Neuk.

This declaration of our aims and our future will form the foundation of multiple community-led projects to deliver that future, often supported by funders such as the Scottish Government, Fife Council and numerous Community Benefit funds which can see clarity of purpose and active and engaged communities.

We are currently investigating local partnerships and funding.

If you are interested in local place plans and topics such as circular economy, climate change, zero waste and active travel, please contact us for more information. We are looking for enthusiastic people to join this project – Please Contact Us.





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