Building Sustainable & Resilient Communities Together


The East Neuk Community Plans & Projects is a community-led charity and an aspirational initiative that would like to see a jointly held long term vision and strategy for the East Neuk area of Fife that would benefit people and the environment.


Be Part of Our Community
Passionate about keeping East Neuk area of Fife a vibrant, sustainable and resilient place? Do you have an IDEA for an ambitious small or big project? Please get in touch. We might be able to help you to realise your idea by providing advise, financial support and connecting you with other people.

Interested in conducting a Community Action Plan (CAP)?
We support communities to develop their own aspirations and plans for the future of their communities through the Community Action Plan (CAP). We provide a toolkit and we direct the process of the creation of a CAP. If you have questions or if you want to talk to us CAP or an idea you have to improve the East Neuk area of Fife please use get in touch with our Principal Officer.

Contact us
Sonja Potjewijd, Principal Officer | 07939 147150
Or use the Contact Us Form

What we offer

What does East Neuk Community Plans & Actions deliver for the communities on the East Neuk?

We are all about community and want those living and working in the East Neuk area to not only feel a part of our community but to play as active a role as possible in our area’s future.

We are promoting and assisting in the development of a series of local Community Action Plans.