ENCAP’s mission is to build thriving, sustainable and inclusive communities, foster self-sufficiency and enhance the quality of life if its residents and visitors.

We believe that everyone has a positive role to play in society and that communities should be inclusive of all. Communities make the places they inhabit. Over time the choices we make will shape the future of East Neuk that our children and grandchildren enjoy here.

We promote and assist in the development of a series of Local Community Action Plans

We are committed to helping local organisations, residents and grassroots groups to develop new community-led projects that will have a positive impact on the East Neuk of Fife.

We lead the Shared Path Project from Pittenweem to Earlsferry funded by Sustrans and Transport Scotland. We have recently started to work on this ambitious project, and we hope to build the path in 2023. You can read more about this project here

We are currently looking for funding to develop an innovative approach to get the residents and visitors of East Neuk involved in the process of planning for the future. We strive to conduct a strategic local place plan covering the whole of East Neuk which will include topics such as circular economy, active travel, mental health and wellbeing, environment and woodland, zero waste, the climate emergency.



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Meet the cyclist

Meet the amazing Dr. Richard Bowditch! He commutes by bike and often uses his bike or skateboard to visit his patients in care homes in East Neuk. How cool is that! In the pictures, you can see his bike and skateboard in his examination room.

The distances between villages in East Neuk are perfect for walking, cycling, and wheeling. A decent off-road shared path project will massively improve the options for people to move around pleasantly and safely, creating happier and healthier neighbourhoods.




Changes to Sustrans Places for Everyone funding programme

Crispin Hayes, Whole Cycle Ltd,  lead consultant to the Earlsferry to Pittenweem Shared Path project gives us his reaction to the changes in funding by Transport Scotland that will affect this and other active path community projects 

In February this year, Transport Scotland announced a decision to wind up the Sustrans Places for Everyone funding programme over the next year and a half, finally closing in September 2025, and not providing any new construction funding from now. 

Transport Scotland’s replacement is a new construction fund that will be distributed direct to Local Authorities only and not community organisations. I think that is a pity because community organisations have a much greater focus on working for their local community. My concern is that communities will lose control of their project, because essentially they do the design stages, and then hand it over to the Council to do the construction. 

It also risks projects like Earlsferry to Pittenweem Shared Path project not being near the top of the Council’s large pool of projects. And it is subject to other political and budget factors outside the community’s control. 

Our current approach is to liaise closely with Council officers to ensure they are stakeholders in these design stages, and that local support means the project has to be considered seriously for construction.

As we said previously, Earlsferry to Pittenweem Shared Path project applied in May 2024 to our funder Sustrans Places for Everyone to move to Stages 3 & 4 Developed Design. We expect to hear about the result of that funding application in late June or July, and we will update when we do know. We understand that it will be a competitive round, so fingers crossed. 


Project Update!

We are excited to announce that we have completed Stage 2 Concept Design for the project. This marks the initial phase of creating design drawings, allowing us to engage more thoroughly with stakeholders such as landowners, the Local Authority, and the community to discuss the proposed path. We have plans for community engagement activities, including an event later this year, to gather feedback and discuss the project with the communities along the route. We continue to work with landowners to secure agreements for the proposed route.

We have submitted our application for the next stage of funding for Stages 3-4 to Sustrans, and we will find out if we are successful with this application around June/July.

If we are, the next stage will see us further develop the route concepts and incorporate technical details. We will also identify travel interventions, test the implications, and engage with the community, asking for your feedback on the routes and activities along the way.
Watch this space as we continue to share our progress with the community.


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